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Yada-yada-yada. You know the saying, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained. Super true and a super scary mountain to tackle. As an entrepreneur, it is the toughest battle you face taking that leap and trying something new and struggling with your own demons of fear. The “what ifs”. What if it doesn’t work, what if people don’t like it or me, what if I run out of money, like all my money, what if I FAIL. Trust me when I tell you that even the most successful ventures, the people behind the idea and driving the bus are scared out of their wits at least half the time if not more, and that fear becomes the voice in your head the devil on your shoulder telling you what could go wrong and that most likely it will. That fear can lead to anxiety and even depression on the journey and even when things start going your way and they always eventually do if you keep on keeping on, that feeling can last a lifetime. Even the craziest, successful creators who have reached in the high millions plus still recall those feelings of fear and not have’s and the brink of not paying something or losing it all. Heck, that feeling is in the back of my mind most of the time from times when the roller coaster is stuck on the top and you don’t know what’s coming next. We all face these challenges when we start and are growing a business. So, here’s the thing and the tool in your bag. It’s that fear and feeling of dislike of it that can be your greatest tool, your biggest hammer, it’s the one you take out when you won’t let anything hold you back or down, the one that drives you.

I was on a plane with my family heading back home from a trip and spent two and a half hours of the 3 and a half hour flight working on my phone in my notes plotting out my next move, my What’s Next after seeing a change in the industry and wanting to stay fresh, on-top, not personally and mentally stagnant. When we landed before we got in the car my son, a Freshman in college grappling with all things life, grabbed my arm and asked if he could ask me a personal question, “Mom why are you so successful, why do you push yourself so much to be better and to do more?” My honest to you know who answer “Fear. Kiddo, fear of not being my best, fear of not making it, fear of our family not being okay. That’s what drives me. But that fear and remembering how scared I was of the unknown and not being okay and losing everything we worked so hard for when I started creating my own products and then a consulting business to help others, that fear is always there pushing me forward to never feel that again.” That day my son asked me a favor, “Mom I know you and dad are paying for college so that I can walk away from school not owing anything, but can I please owe a small amount to you monthly and work at school to pay you so that I can have some of that fear of not fulfilling my promise to you and to me so that I can be pushed to be my best?” I wanted to argue since it was my dream to put all my kids through college since I paid for my college and upper grad completely by myself, but I stood there and thought the best gift I can give my kid right now is the give of fear the gift of potential failure so he can push through it and reach his own potential.

Your greatest gift is not always succeeding but the feeling of challenges and sometimes failures you have faced. You may forget the purchases you make with the money your success brings, but you will never forget what it feels like to not have and to want it so bad; to want your dream, your business to thrive beyond what you imagined. So remember when you are too afraid to take that step to create a product, a business, an idea, or take a risk professionally or personally nothing ventured is truly nothing gained and sometimes fear and hurdles allow you to stop, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and gain perspective to be all the better, stronger, and more successful!

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Kelli Ivie is a Product Development and Launch Specialist making ideas and bringing them to market and a Business/CEO Strategy Coach helping businesses thrive, grow, and stay successful.

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