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We Are Here to Help You with Your Inventions and Launch 
Personalized Options for Every Step in the Process

your idea


find out if you have a good idea
We help you figure out if your product and idea are viable, marketable, profitable.  If YES, we help you make a finished ready for shelf product locally or overseas. Call us to chat about your idea. We will give you advice, guidance, and next steps!  
your product


a step-by-step plan for success


 Whether we assist you in bringing your product and brand to life or you already have a finished product, we create a step-by-step plan for you to get your product to market and into buyers hands!  We grow products by doing the work with and for you using our knowledge, contacts, resources and creative ideas, making your product a profitable brand! 

your launch


get your product to market




We connect the dots!  We are the catalysts to get you in front of the right people who can successfully introduce you into the market, brand your line and sell, sell, sell!


We take inventors’ innovative ideas and creatively help make them into finished consumer products and initiate relationships with big-name retailers and decision-makers. We offer inventors many unique and valuable resources and make the connections that otherwise take years to establish. We open doors to opportunity.

Book Your Consultation or Service

Free 30 Minute Chat

Let’s chat about your PRODUCT or IDEA and get advice and feedback on what steps and contacts you may need.

One Hour Session

Let’s discuss your PRODUCT or IDEA and your hurdles, you will walk away with tips, advice, feedback, contacts, and tools to get you to the NEXT STEP.

We can work together with you on specific product development, launch, marketing, and selling projects. 10 hours of hands-on project work and or consulting can be used very intentionally over a 3-month time frame as needed and desired. 

Monthly Consulting

Monthly on-going consulting designed around a few hours of weekly hands-on work as part of your team. We will complete tasks to get your product ready, branded, launched, marketed and in big decision makers hands for relationships and sales. We will make a recommendation and discuss the best plan and hours for you, you will decide what works best for you to reach your goals. 

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"Smart people know what they don't know

and surround themselves with people who do."



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