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Spring Into Cleaning

Spring is upon us… and that means it’s time for a proper spring cleaning! As the calendar turns to April and the flowers begin to bloom, I’m admittedly ready for the change of season. Spring allows for a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance for growth. This renewed energy is perfect to apply to your business ventures. Spring cleaning is the ideal time for re-evaluation, re-calibration and positive change. Here are several ways to carry the spring cleaning mentality into your business!

Clear away clutter

  • Take inventory of your business processes and assess the necessity of the operations. Does everything in your business model add value to your company?

  • You never know what’s lying at the bottom of your junk drawer or under the pile of papers from last week’s meetings… take 15 minutes, plug in your favorite podcast and clear a single part of your work space!

  • Go fully digital! The power of the cloud is truly unparalleled in today’s business world. Eliminate the hassle of paper & connect your team members in a more efficient format

  • Evaluate your online presence (website, social media, etc.). Make sure format and content are clean, clear and relevant! Clarify and simplify – get rid of the rest.

Dust off the cobwebs

  • Bring new life to shelved ideas. Are there any projects you have thought about or half-begun but never fully completed? Spring cleaning means that you can dust off the old and revitalize the pursuits!

Invite in the new

  • Have a new person get involved in your work. It’s difficult to attain a big picture perspective when you are so closely involved in so much of your work. You never know what feedback and innovation a fresh pair of eyes will bring!

  • Summer for college students is right around the corner and it’s a great time to bring on an intern or new hire! Start on those job postings and keep an eye out for responses.

Back to basics //Return to your roots

  • Revisit your mission statements and core values. Do they still align with your vision for your company? Make sure that your mission accounts for any growth or change your business has experienced.

  • Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing! Why do you love your work?

Embrace growth

  • Set new goals for both your personal work and your business pursuits. Give yourself new benchmarks and, therefore, new tools to grow!

One step at a time!

  • The cleaning process can be slightly overwhelming, but incredibly redeeming. Breathe through the process and focus your energy on one step at a time.

Happy cleaning!

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