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The Retail Placement Program 


 Need Help Expanding Into Retail

Elevate your business with an experienced buyer and seller in the market who have helped

hundreds of brands take the leap from online to retail or increase their retail and brand growth. 

We have over 40+ years of combined retail experience with

Big Box, Chain, Specialty, Gift Stores, Reps, and Global Distribution.

We work globally with people who can make your products, grow your brand, and help fund your business.

We can make this a reality!


Introducing a partnership forged by 40+ years of retail expertise, our mission is crystal clear:

to empower and elevate small businesses like yours within the dynamic world of retail.

Dionne Foote

Dionne Paint Cropped.jpg

Dionne is a seasoned buyer with a rich history at prestigious companies such as Nordstrom, Estee Lauder, and Tommy Bahama. Her discerning eye for inventory, product curation, and brand positioning ensures that every product she touches shines brightly on retail shelves.

Kelli Ivie

Kelli Pro Photo.png

Kelli is a retail placement and growth expert who has successfully launched over 100 brands into the spotlight. Her unparalleled network, strategic insights, and unwavering dedication create an unstoppable force, driving growth for companies seeking expansion and recognition.

Makeup Store

We've united our talents, experiences, and fervor to form a powerhouse of opportunities for businesses just like yours. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs – from penetrating the competitive retail landscape to conducting insightful product and brand reviews, all with the ultimate goal of securing your spot on the shelves and platforms of esteemed retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, plus hundreds of retail stores throughout the United States and globally. 


Zero Waste Store

Elevate Your Brand 

Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
Elevate your business to its highest potential.
You will meet one-on-one with Dionne and Kelli for a 1-hour video chat weekly to help you focus on areas of your business you want to improve.
  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Pricing/MAP/Margins (retain more profit!)

  • Sourcing, making, manufacturing

  • Fulfillment

  • Retail entry and retail growth (accounts, reps, distribution, online)

  • Onboarding accounts


Window Display

K & D Community

Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
Six 1-hour group video chats.
Retail topics and your questions answered based on a buyer and seller's perspective. The round table is led by Dionne and Kelli and their expertise in product making, retail development, selling, and scaling.
  • Topics to support your business

  • Group discussion and feedback on your product and brand

  • Contact and information sharing

  • Meet other like-minded innovators and a supportive community


Work meeting



Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
A detailed brand review.
See blindspots and pain points for increased sales and growth. Dionne and Kelli will use their decades of business experience to pinpoint your hurdles and areas for the greatest growth potential.
  • Product brand review call

  • Business, sales, and account analysis

  • Research on recommended target leads

  • Discussion of overall company goals and strategies

  • Retail growth consulting: Four 1-hour video chats within 60 days


Shipping Boxes



Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
We Can Do It For You!
We can get you in front of select accounts.
4-Month Lead Acquisition and 
Account Management for Landed Leads
  • Retail launch/growth review

  • Identify the retailers your product would do well in

  • Approach targeted retailers and pitch your product

  • Negotiate deals, onboard, and manage accounts



Credit Card Purchase



Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
Our Deep Dive Program
A comprehensive model for a larger 
retail footprint.
4-month sales generation program contract
( option to renew)

Continuous sales opportunities, research, and development

  - New wholesale opportunities

  - Major brick & mortar retailers

  - Major online retailers

  - Sales representative groups

  - Catalogs

  - Domestic distributors

  - International Distributors

Bi-monthly progress discussion sessions

Monthly sales progress and development updates


Colorful Shopping Bags



Marketing _ Branding Tools for Influence
Ala Carte
Maybe you need a little help!
Choose what works best for your needs to get to the next level.
  • Product brand review 

  • Research analysis for recommended targets + sales analytics review 

  • Retail growth consulting: 1-hour call 

  • Account onboarding 

  • Amazon management 



Great opportunities rely on more than sheer luck.

Taking the leap from online to retail or increased retail and brand growth happens when the right relationships and the opportunity for your product to be seen with the right people happen.

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