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Do I have a good idea
Do people around you like your idea and find it valuable? Would they pay money for it? Does it solve a problem? If the answer is yes, you may be onto something. We can you help you determine that.
Will my product be profitable
The only way to know if your product will be profitable is to find out what it costs to make it and market it.  We can help you find the right resources to get quotes and then do an analysis to see if your product can make money.
How much will it cost me
Starting a business does require money. The amount needed is dependent upon your idea and what you plan to do with it. We work hard to find you all of the right resources at the lowest cost or at no cost so that you spend your money where it counts most.
What steps do I take to start
You first need to determine if your product idea solves a problem that other people would use and buy.  If it does, there are many steps that include trademarking, patenting (if needed), prototyping, sampling etc. to discover if your vision can be a sellable reality.  With our knowledge, resources and connections we can help you every step of the way.
What if my product is ready to go
For products ready to sell or already in the marketplace wanting to rev it up the M-Z (marketing, exposure and sales) and beyond range is for you.  We can analyze what the next steps will be, advise you, connect you and help you do the work to get the exposure and relationships to go big.
What if i just want to sell my idea
That is a great option for a product inventor who has no desire to do long-term manufacturing. It is important to determine what your goals are and what you want for your future.  Our team is highly trained in licensing and buy-outs and can help you develop the right tools and get you in front of the decision makers to pitch your concept.
How do I do this
Don't worry. We are crazy list makers and we keep you organized and prioritized. We help create action plans and strategies to keep you on track at a good pace to get through each step toward your end goal.
How can I get connected
We are connectors. We have years of collective experience and connections with the right people that we will share with you, as well as make new connections specifically for your product.
Can I get help with marketing
We can help you from start to launch or anything in between. We will assist you in-house finding you free opportunities and connecting you with the top marketing pros for your type of product at the lowest prices around the country to get your product seen.
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