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What's Your Story

The Significance of Story

Marketing, in its most effective form, is a passion project. In essence, it works to call attention to the things we care about. However, in such a saturated market, it can be tricky to feel both seen and significant. As an entrepreneur and product, it is a tricky game of storytelling that you must play each and every day.

Consider these tips to guide you in the marketing process:

Marketing = story time

Stories are the key to connection. A story in itself creates a shared experience and a deeper sense of understanding. Apply this concept to your product! When creating a marketing plan, consider how to weave story into your campaigns.

Have a clear origin story

To know the origins of a person, concept, or product is the chance to better connect with their goals. Some questions to consider:

Why did you create this product?

When was the first time you knew this was going to be an important product to pursue?

This story can transcend the “About Us” section of your website! Incorporate

into your visual campaigns, into your social media presence, in your sales

pitch… the opportunities are endless!

Appeal to shared values

Think of your favorite movie. What is it that is so powerful about the story that you witness on screen? A movie gives us the chance to humanize people, concepts and products. The story line calls to our fundamental similarities. Apply this concept to your marketing story. Pathos translates well! Call to emotion, call to our shared experiences.

Engage audience

Think in terms of experiential marketing! How can you turn your product into an experience? How can people later tell a story about your product?

Collect testimonials! Has your product gotten anyone out of a sticky situation? Any unconventional uses of your product? Your customers have wonderful stories and experiences that you can effectively translate into the story of your product.

Ask questions! Find out tips, tricks, stories, & get feedback from those who buy your product.

K. Ivie Consulting - KIC - is here to support you on this storytelling mission! Begin to consider marketing as the promotion of your passion project. Tell us why you are doing what you are doing and why we should connect with you! Consider these pointers to apply the power of story to your marketing pursuits today.

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