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How It All Began

I was sitting on the 101 freeway in traffic, as usual in sunny Southern California.  My son was 18 months old, and I was heavily pregnant with my second child.  I heard a familiar bang and cry from my boy in the back, and I knew his bottle was dropping out of reach for only the umpteenth time that day.  I couldn’t squirm my big belly around to reach it this time.  We would all have to sit in misery as he cried for his bottle.


That night at 2 in the morning, when I had my routine sleepless, pregnant night, I got up, went to the kitchen table, and began searching the internet for a solution to the bottle dropping.  I started searching for something to help my son, help me, and save me from squirming on the freeway.  I couldn’t find anything that would solve the problem, at least nothing acceptable to me that looked safe and cozy for my baby.  


I broke out my sewing machine and designed the first Binkster Bottle Buddy.

My first attempt was somewhat crude; however, as my son and I went out and about, I got many compliments and questions as to where I got it, and oh, “Where can I get one?”  I decided I was on to something.  I took my designs to a prototype designer, worked and re-hashed each detail, and came up with a novel product that was cozy, safe, and prevented spills.  It was perfect.


The Binkster Bottle Buddy was the first bottle tether system to hit the market.  It can go around any size bottle or sippy cup and has a unique matting material on the inside that won’t let the bottle move and also helps prevent spills by keeping the bottle upright when it lands.  My designs were functional and fashionable and came in 60 styles.


The Binkster Bottle Buddy became the first of many products.  I soon developed the first of their-kind tether systems for pacifiers, blankets, the foremost fashionable nursing poncho with imported Italian fabrics, and designer diaper covers. 

Patents, trademarks, and many ups and downs later, I was able to land my products at several big-box retailers, key accounts, and national and international representation. 


I am an inventor like you, and I made products to make my life easier.  However, I have done the hard work for you.  I had to roll the rock up the hill and figure out how to be a successful inventor. Going through the trenches, no one would help me.  Other entrepreneurs and inventors would hold their golden lists to their chests and not share.  But as people asked how I did it, I began helping.  I offered advice, contacts, and resources.  I found that what gave me the greatest joy and where I discovered my passion was not in manufacturing but in helping others realize their dreams.


That is how K Ivie Consulting was born.  As I have brought together a team of fantastic professionals, K Ivie has evolved into KIC.  We help "KIC" products to the next level.  Helping inventors and entrepreneurs like you drives us and keeps us up at night.  New entrepreneurs don’t have to wear every hat. I want to be on your team and have the satisfaction of helping you live your dreams too.

-Kelli Ivie, CEO

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