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Ask the right questions in order to improve your product!

The pursuit of both product development and entrepreneurial advancement relies on the role of several good questions. Ask in order to receive! Ask in order to strengthen your business. These questions can grant you connections, resources and feedback, all tools for you to empower the effectiveness of your product.


In order to advance your business and promote your own product, continue to network with peers and professionals around you. This question may serve as the greatest tool to expand your own network.

“Do you know anyone that …? ”

Fill in the blank! You must remember: when you speak with someone, you are also indirectly speaking with their network. Everyone has developed a network of their own, a diverse collection of individuals that they have encountered in their journey, and therefore may very well be able to connect you with another resource. In the case that an individual is not able to directly provide help, be sure to ask if they can provide a name or resource of any sort for additional information. Take the extra step. Persistence is key. You never know what information you may find!


These questions serve as a way to engage with your users. A feedback form is a wonderful way to give your customer a voice and collect answers to these questions.

“What appeals to you about this product?”

The answers to this question serve as an affirmation and an asset for your business venture. You can utilize this information to refine and expand your marketing campaigns. First, according to these answers, are you targeting the correct audience for your product? These answers may reveal that yes, in fact you are! It may also reveal that there is a whole market that you may not yet be targeting. Second, the answers to this question may provide fantastic testimonies that can serve as a great marketing campaign.

“What are the weaknesses that you notice?”

“Is there anything you are missing in your use of the product?”

This question is tricky, yet crucial. Entrepreneurship relies on this vulnerability. Seek feedback! If speaking with someone about your product, take the extra step to ask. Individuals may not always feel comfortable to give direct criticism, so provide them with an outlet.

This is a wonderful way to give your customer a voice.

Additionally, this is fantastic for product development.

Make your customers feel heard & in turn, improve your product!

Accept the feedback and apply suggested changes as you see fit. In accepting your weakness, you grant yourself the ability to find strength.

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