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It's The Climb

It is well understood that positivity is key to a successful and happy life. The same is true when it comes to your business. Your business, as well as in life, consists of metaphorical hills and valleys. The valleys are the lowest points where frustration and doubt can brew. Looking up the steep hill from the heart of the valley can be daunting enough to stop you in your tracks. Hard work and determination might not be enough to get you to the top of the hill. What will give you that extra push up that hill is as simple as having a positive mentality. A pessimist perspective will look up the hill and will think it too high and too hard to even try. A defeatist will think the success of finally reaching the top is not worth the struggle of the climb. The climber with a positive approach, who does not allow doubtful or unhelpful thoughts to cross their mind, will climb the hill and appreciate the sweet success of hard work. Positivity overcomes the will to quit and, instead, is a driving force that helps make the climb a little easier and enjoyable. So let’s bring our metaphor back to reality (oops there goes gravity…. sorry, it’s just a great song). The same positive mentality works the same wonders when it comes to the inevitable obstacles and blunders in regards to your business. Sure things might seem hard now but eventually, the benefits will outweigh the costs. You just have to ride out the valleys and enjoy the hills.

Tips on how to stay positive

Focus on the good

It is super important to celebrate any and every success no matter the magnitude. Without taking the time to focus on all the good that has come from your hard work, then what is the point?

Don’t exaggerate the bad

Fact: Bad circumstances will arise. The most important thing to remind yourself next to ’there is a solution to every problem’ is that it really isn’t bad as it seems. Don’t make a simple problem a complete disaster.

Keep realistic goals

If you plan to be the NUMBER 1 BUSINESS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE by the end of your first week… then you, my friend, have just set yourself an unrealistic goal. Setting realistic goals will not only help you complete tasks in a timely manner but also keep you motivated when you feel the reward of completing what you have set out to do.

Till next time...

think it . dream it. do it...and climb it!

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