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So much to do, so little time!

I’m sure that as a product manager, you wear a lot of caps in your company and, like me, can sometimes struggle to plan your time accordingly. Here are a few time management tips to help you organize your days and stay conscious of your responsibilities!

Set your day up right (the night before)

My recent investment in a to-do list notepad has been life-changing as of late. Before I head off to bed for the night, I take two minutes to map out my to-dos for the day ahead. That way, before I start the day, I have a rough idea of what I must get done. I keep the notepad on my nightstand next to my bed, along with a pen. As I turn off my lamp before bed, I’m always reminded to write things out. Easy access is key!


A large part of time management is wise prioritization. Use that to-do list described above to identify your day’s priorities. Either before bed or right at the start of the morning, review your list and number your responsibilities from most to least-pressing. You now have clearer direction for your day

- a start point and a desired end point!

Forward vision

Another worthy investment is a planner! My planner has a week, month and year-view option — these are features I would highly recommend. This takes the nightly to-do list to another level, allowing you to look ahead and plan accordingly. Like the to-do list, I try to take time every day or two to check and update my planner. Utilize this for long-term planning!

Identify speedy tasks

Often, my to-do list becomes swamped with menial responsibilities, quick tasks that could be checked off with five minutes of focus. For that reason, however, I tend to push them off and push them off until minutes before the deadline. To combat this problem, I suggest immediate action. Identify these tasks immediately and set aside twenty minutes of your day to get through them. The quicker you can get them off your to-do list, the better! Do not delay!

An aside… self care

I want to also acknowledge the fact that this process is taxing! Working to check off that to-do list and juggling all of your tasks is no easy feat. That said, don’t forget to pen in some time for yourself! It is just as important to schedule your own self-care routine. Allow yourself a break in some capacity! Especially with these new techniques, you will be aware of your responsibilities and can work to plan accordingly.

Time management is not an easy feat! It is a lifelong practice that deserves energy and focus, in order to maximize productivity and create freedom in other parts of life. That said, with a few mindset shifts and new techniques, you truly can accomplish so much. I hope these tips can serve as a guide in this practice!

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