What Is Your Intention?

December 23, 2015


I recently had the privilege to attend a seminar about what ‘My Best Year Yet’ would be. The theme of the seminar was…Intention. I was tasked to ask myself: What are my intentions for next year? Not my resolutions, my intentions.


Asking this question forced me to look deep inside myself to the parts I ignore and am totally scared of. I really had to face myself head-on, look at the things I need to let go of that are standing in my way and decide what are the things I need to add to move forward in order to get what I want. 


My intention? Well, that's a tough one! In the seminar, we were asked to write a list of what to get rid of and what to add. I looked around my table of amazing leaders in their fields and although I couldn't see what they were writing, I could see they had a few things written, while my list went off the page!


That is when I discovered my overall intentions for 2016. Stop making unattainable lists for myself. Stop working in fast forward at all times. I realized that I set myself up for failure when I do these things. I decided to choose three things off my intention list for 2016. 


So here it is... my list of intentions for 2016! I'm speaking them out loud and letting others know so I am held accountable!


Intention #1 


Don't live in overwhelm and procrastinate mode on actions waiting for perfection. Come up with an idea and take action right away. 


My initial gut intuition is always right, I will stop arguing with it. 


Intention #2 


Create new ways to expand my business and my voice to help others achieve their dreams. 


I will create formats and channels for more people to get help and advice. I will finally put on paper - virtual or real - information that others can obtain and use for themselves to take their idea, create their product and make their dream into a reality. 


Intention #3


Stop being fearful of being seen. 


I'm gaining momentum as an expert in my field. But, I'm like Willy Wonka, I'm only seen in the chocolate factory where I hide. My intention is to create group training and webinars so I can be seen and heard to expand my reach in helping others. This will help move me towards my intention of a 2017 2-day workshop to help product inventors create and launch their dreams. Ultimately, this is the scariest intention of all – being seen and heard to a larger audience. 


Okay, that's my list!


Think and do

Expand my outreach

Be seen



So... What's your intention?



For a list of how you can narrow down what to get rid of and what to add. Email me at kelli@kivieconsulting and I will send the format to you. 


Make this your Best Year Yet!! I support you! 


Till next time...


think it . dream it . do it ...and Intend it! 



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