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Break Out of the Box

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Let's talk about thinking "outside of the box." From the moment we walk into our first Kindergarten class, we are taught to think within the box: to follow the rules and structures of the school and education system. But as we grow older, it is important that we train our minds the other way: to become able to open our minds to thinking outside of those lines, to tap into our creativity and our ability to think outside of a textbook or rule and to stretch ourselves farther than we think we can go in all aspects of our lives. It was my goal, as I completed my Masters degree, to spread my wings and to figure out how to work in an environment that didn't confine me to the four walls of a cubicle. Thankfully, I found a way. My greatest joy is traveling to tradeshows across the country and encountering others who dance to the beat of their own drum and, avoiding confinement by what they should do and going after what they want to do. I am lucky enough to meet incredible people who come up with unique ideas and inventions, who hear hundreds of "no's," but they keep striving for that one "yes" to make their out-of-the-box dream come true. I implore you, whether you're in an office or work remotely or are a mom or dad at home, dream. Think outside of what should be for you and look at what can be for you! You will never know what opportunities lie ahead unless you dare to dream. Define your own box and then live outside of it. Until next time… think it . dream it . do it


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