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Yesterday, my 13-year old son returned home from a 3-day Boy Scout trip in Joshua Tree, He was so excited about the trip, and our conversation was overflowing with his adventures and memories. I must confess though, that while listening intently on his every detail I felt a sadness that is hard to explain.

While he was away, my household remained bustling with my two girls, my hubby, and our dog going about the things they normally do in our "never idle" flow of life. There was a moment where I was standing in the kitchen and it was like I was watching the tv on my life. The thing that stood out to me the most wasn't the noise and the chaos, it was the silence where my sons voice would be. In that moment I thought to myself, "This must be what it feels like to have your child go off to college and their just not present in your daily life anymore." The sadness and silence I felt was overwhelming in that moment. Although as parents our greatest accomplishments are to raise our little chicks to be able to fly, the thought that they wouldn't be standing right next to me tugging at my shirt, asking, "More milk mama, please," is well......words cannot describe how it feels as a mother to know that one day I won't be needed in the same way, and it will be a Skype call or text in replace of a physical hug. This thought is a reminder to myself to be most grateful for TIME. I am grateful for the time that I get to spend with the people that I love. I am incredibly grateful for the time I was allowed to spend with the people I love beyond words, who are no longer here. I am grateful for the time I get with the people who I admire, and who everyday, make me a better person in life and business than I was the day before. I am grateful for the time I have here and that I am able to recognize that the most important thing is not what I can buy or what I have, but who I can call my family, my friend, my teammate, client, associate or colleague, and knowing that I am wealthy beyond my imagination in the relationships that I have and the time I have been given to spend with all of the wonderful people in my life.

This Thanksgiving, look around your table with the bountiful food upon your plate and take just a few moments of time to recognize your gratitude for what you hold important in your life. Keep that in the forefront of your thoughts knowing how precious time truly is. Being successful comes in many colors and shapes. Recognizing what makes you most successful makes each color and shape all the more brilliant and bold.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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