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It Takes Guts

Welcome to Our New Team Member Emma - Guest Blogger

Emma Yudelevitch is a sophomore at Occidental College, a private college in Southern California. Earning a full-ride scholarship for academics and track and field, she has already earned many accolades in both areas. Emma has joined the K. Ivie Consulting summer intern program sharing her talents in social media and business development.

I call them vibes. You either get good vibes or bad vibes. This my personal epithet for what most would call gut intuition. I lead my life based on these vibes and, so far, my vibes have never failed me. Of the many instances my vibes have steered me I will only bore you with one tale:

The process of applying and choosing a college to spend the next four years of one's life can be truly nerve wracking. First, the colleges decide for you whether they thought you were a good fit or not. Then, the pressure is on once the tables have turned for now you are the one who must make the hard decision. You must be the one to select the right college fit for you. Well, if you are anything like me, indecision is your middle name. I was stressed, wanting to make the best decision. After all, I basically was going to live with this decision for the rest of my life! (Okay, dialing down the melodrama… FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!) In the end, I settled on a lovely, private college close to home (but not too close) all thanks to my vibes. Of all the college tours, I felt the best vibes there. Now my first year of college has come to an end and I am happy to report that it has been the happiest year of my life. Thanks, vibes!

Although I only recently jumped into the business world, I feel as if it echoes the anxiety of the college selection phase. The pressure is intensified; just like picking the wrong college could result in a psychopath roommate, a wrong decision for any business could consequently result in a financial failure. Luckily, vibes transcend the decision-making processes. Using your intuition for a business deal or innovative idea could be the best strategy for making a difficult resolution. So listen to your gut, it might be yesterday’s bean and cheese burrito or your next big financial success.

Try these tips to following your gut intuition.

Trust Your Instincts

That's really hard when you don't understand what you are feeling, but when all logic has been weighed out and you are still left with a feeling that is your gut telling you what decision to make.

Ask Yourself a Question

Usually, the first thing that pops into your head is the right answer for you. Go with it, when you fight it will be a continuous struggle and most likely you will end up right back where you started with your initial answer.

Calm Your Mind

When you clear the clutter from your mind you allow yourself to start from a fresh perspective to open yourself up to listening to your gut. You can do this by meditating, exercising, relaxing, painting, pleasure reading. etc. Step away, do something that allows you to not think and come back to your question and the answer will come to you in the purest form.

till next time

think it . dream it . do it... and follow your gut

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