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Do you ever stand in your freezer door?

So... I just had to chuckle at myself. I had been rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to work all day on clients, fix up my website so that I can publish my changes that I've been changing since December of last year (not done yet) and trying to make sure my house was pretty, the kids looked good, my yard looked nice and my hubby was happy so that when my MIL (for those of you non-married folks: mother-in-law) came to town for a week, I would pass the white glove test.

So that evening after rushing around and planting my flowers - God forbid they looked bad then I would look like I'm not taking care of her son (my issues, not hers, she's lovely) and realized when I turned the sprinklers on that I busted through a pipe just so I can put a pretty flower in the ground...I found myself in front of the freezer door, head inserted, eye level with the ice bin, just to cool off from feeling like it was 115 degrees when it was only 70 outside, just trying to catch my breath......Have I painted a good enough picture? Do you ever feel like this?

So what does this all mean to me? Even though I want to do it all, it doesn't mean I have to and it doesn't mean that I can't get help!! We put so much pressure on ourselves to do so much all the time, but is it everybody else putting that pressure on us or is it just us?

My inner self is jumping up saying ooh ooh pick me, pick my hand in the air, I have the answer. That's because I know the answer and I need to listen to myself. Why do we choose to put so much on our plates at all times with the worry that if we don't, we're not doing enough or we won't get what we want? How about we just slow down and get what we need!

Here are some ways to slow down and still be accomplishing what you want:

Stop thinking for others!

Just because you think you're not doing enough, doesn't mean someone else does. They may think you're amazing! Cut yourself a break and realize that you're only one person and you can only do so much every single day.

Reality check!

Are you doing a lot or are you not doing a lot? If you aren't then you know that you need to pick it up and there's no excuse for you to have your head in the freezer. But if you are and you're pushing yourself over and above on full cylinders then cut yourself some slack - you are the only one judging you.

Delegate delegate, delegate!

Listen, I'm no dummy I finally realized that my kids are old enough that they could help clean the house with me and that I can ask for help from others that are equally qualified and amazing to lend a hand, and will welcome the help back when they are in need. Ask for help, it is a sign of strength and not weakness!

Fill your well!

You give and give and give to work, to your husband-boyfriend-girlfriend-whoever, your kids, your house, bills, your life... when do you stop and give to yourself? Start filling your well so that you can replenish and be ready for the next thing coming your way.

Listen use these tips, don't use these tips... I hope you do because you really deserve a break! I'm deciding to slow down (Okay, I'm not gonna fib, just a little slowing so I don't have crazy brain, I know me.) I don't want to live a life with my head in the freezer, do you??? By the way, it was really hard to resist the ice cream!!!

Till next time…

think it . dream it . do it and chill out


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