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Are You Brave?

Bravery doesn't come easy. It's not something that we're born with it’s something we have to learn. It's something that comes when you have experience facing your fears. So how do you face fears relating to your business to be your best, brave self? Take risks: The only way to become more brave is to take a risk. Step outside of your normal - out of your comfort zone. Even if it's a teeny tiny step that feels scary, overcoming it is an act of bravery. Face your fears: Business is a little crazy in that usually, the steps that scare you the most are the ones most critical to your growth. Totally nerve-racking - absolutely necessary. For most of us in business, myself included, fear is a daily emotion. Overcome your feelings of failure: Change the way you think about failure. Limit your feelings of inadequacy, ineptitude and all that jazz to a minimum and then shift your mentality. Train your mind to see failure as a learning experience that makes us stronger, and eventually go above and beyond our own expectations. It's okay to fail, but it's not okay not to try in the first place. Be daring enough to believe in yourself: Dare to believe that you can make it work no matter what obstacles or challenges you face. Dare to dream that you can take the leap. Each step that creates fear and discomfort are the same steps that are going to bring you closer to what you want. Put your shiny coat of armor on and keep moving forward: What that means for me, is that whenever I'm so fearful that I'm not doing what I should be doing or what I could be doing - I could let fear take me down and I could be discouraged - or I could choose to be brave, wearing a shiny coat of armor, and keep moving forward no matter what comes my way until I get what I want. Between fear and defeat or fear and bravery... I choose bravery! Choose to be brave! Until next time… think it . dream it . do it and believe it!! Kelli

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