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Get Unstuck!

Rediscovering your motivation in your business doesn't come from making shifts externally, but more so by making shifts in how you think about your situation. If you've lost your motivational mojo, changing the way you think and adding some few key habits can help you get your groove back. Get back in touch with why you started this in the first place. Always remind yourself of the "WHY," the value and the purpose of what you're doing and your choice to do it. If you have trouble making mental notes, write a physical note and tape it to a place you find yourself looking often (i.e. your bathroom mirror, the edge of your computer screen, your refrigerator door, etc.). If you approach your day having reminded yourself of this first thing in the morning, chances are your motivation and inspiration will be cranked up a notch or two. Find the value in the things that you don't like to do, they actually hold more value than you realize. Whether it be analyzing monthly revenue, making cold calls or signing checks, remind yourself WHY you have to do this to further the success of your business. Take signing checks for example. While it is a menial task (and a reminder of money you’re spending), remind yourself that a) you have to spend money to make money, and b) chances are you’re paying a team of people you hand-selected to make your business the best it can possibly be. Celebrate any victories to come your way. Doing this can re-energize you. Create incentives for yourself such that you feel rewarded when a goal is reached. Goal-oriented people tend to be more motivated so set one, focus on it, do the work, and revel in the reward once it’s reached. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it! Lastly, find someone you admire and acknowledge their efforts. Chances are, they will acknowledge you right back. It’s almost like having a gym buddy. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to make the trek to the gym and actually do something when you have someone to struggle along with you and to cheer you on. So go out there and find your business motivation buddy!

Now go get yourself unstuck and do something great! Till next time..

think it . dream it . do it


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