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Let’s talk accountability.

As an entrepreneur, there simply isn’t anything as important as saying what you’re going to do…and then doing it. It is critical for the success of your business that you gain the trust of your employees, your business partners, and potential investors. To be perfectly honest, accountability is a great quality to have in ANY interpersonal relationship, not only professional settings.

What is more frustrating than when someone makes you a promise and doesn’t deliver? We can’t prevent that from happening TO us from time to time. That’s life. We CAN, however, make a conscious effort to always keep up our ends of the bargain. This requires you to take your commitments extremely seriously and to really sit down and think, “is this a promise I can realistically keep?” If the answer is no, reevaluate and come up a more reasonable commitment to make. It’s OK to be conservative with your promises. Being realistic with what you can bring to the table in a timely manner will not only foster honest, trusting relationships, but it will also serve to reduce your stress level and prevent you from spreading yourself too thin.

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. Not only do you, as the entrepreneur, take big risks, but it requires others to trust in your ideas and take risks with you. This includes your family, employees and your business partners alike. Taking this leap of faith requires a foundation built upon trust and mutual respect. If those key elements are missing, you will more than likely lose your flock along the way. If you practice accountability on a daily basis, you will earn the trust and respect of your employees, and garner the support of professionals around you, allowing your business to truly take flight.

The bottom line is: say what you’re going to do, then do it. It’s that simple.

Until next time…

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