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Does the Shoe Fit?!

It comes as no surprise that launching a startup requires a great commitment of time, energy and financial resources. Let's put the financial resources aside for second - we know that it takes money to make money. Let's talk about the time commitment required to start a business or a new product/company and how that fits into your personal life…if it even fits at all! I'm not going to sugar coat it, having my own business whether it was a start-up product or a consulting firm, has always been a delicate juggle between my family and work. Forget about ME time. Some days stink and some days are's all about finding that balance between the two that will keep you sane. On a daily basis, it's pretty much like a tug-of-war between spending time with my family and feeling like I'm neglecting work, or on the other hand, focusing on work and feeling like I'm not there for my family. If you've ever been in these delicate glass slippers, you know the feeling. So as important as it is to prioritize the launch of your business, you absolutely need to prioritize the launch of yourself as a business owner! That means you have to play secretary for yourself and make a list on a daily AND weekly basis, prioritize and stick to it!!! Then the hard part: clock out and let it go. Listen, calling the kettle black or practicing what you preach, I know it's easier said than done and I'm guilty too. I struggle with this concept all the time. But the truth is, you CAN have it simply have to hire yourself as your "own secretary"! What that means is to step away for a minute from being you and to create a fair schedule that you would create for somebody else that you care about. No, I don't mean writing a list in the morning of 30 things that you expect to be done in one day, which should really require one week. You must have realistic expectations! Realistic meaning what fits into your life, while maintaining your sanity...much like not trying to fit a size 9 into a size 7 shoe no matter how badly you want them. It just doesn't work! Plan your schedule and life to allow time for realistic business hours, your family, creative time and - most importantly YOU! Make sure to replenish your well so you have enough to give back. You'll know if you're on the right track if on this crazy road of launching a business, you still have passion for it, you still love it, your family is not complaining and you look and feel happy and healthy. If you can do that and truly have time for it all, then trust me, launching your company will be a piece of cake…or glass slippers or... Louboutins or Jimmy Choo's or Birkenstocks or whatever your happy is! Cheers to you! Till next time... think it . dream it . do it Kelli

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