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"Carpe Diem...oh and those networking opportunities too!"

Let's face it. You may have the most brilliant idea on the planet and you may have put in your blood, sweat and tears to get it where it is. But whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is… if nobody knows about it and you're not putting your product or yourself out there, then it's gonna sit on that shelf and collect dust and that hole in your pocket is going to get so big, they'll become a pair shorts. So what to do you? Start talking! I don't mean major speeches in conference halls, although that is good too. I mean anywhere you go, just mention to people what you do and I guarantee you that somebody will say "oh I know someone who could use that or your service." Guess what? You never know who you're talking to. That “someone” might be the owner of a major company that can launch you like crazy and you would miss an opportunity if you didn't simply just.. open your mouth. Networking is about opening yourself up, sharing who you are, what you do, what you created and listening to the other person. You never know what it could lead to. Here are a few tips on networking that could open more doors for you: -Enhance your business card so it is killer and memorable! -Arrive early to events where you could be doing some networking. -If you are at an event or just out and about, choose a number of people you're willing to say hello to that that day and share what you do. Meet that goal. -Be interested, not just interesting (i.e. listen as much as you speak). -Be friendly and open to making new friends and acquaintances wherever you are. -You must (!!!) follow up with the people you meet or that connection will be wasted. -Build a mutually beneficial relationship. It's okay to take help as long as you give. -Use social media to let people know who you are. -Send weekly outreach to offer something of yourself and to remind your connections who you are and what you’re about. A simple thoughtful or funny quote in their inbox can do the trick to remind them to reach out to you. Don't forget to open your mouth and your ears so you can build a fantastic, amazing rapport with all the people around you! That, is what is going to get you where you want to be. Be heard! Till next time... think it . dream it . do it Kelli

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