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We are entrepreneurs...we are moms... we are... momtrepreneurs! Now...breathe!

Okay you mompretreneurs! I get it, I'm just like you - trying to juggle work and the kids, the significant other, the house, life and still have time for me. Time for me…so funny! It's no easy task, is it? Here are a few tips that can make your momtrepreneur life a little easier! Manage your time! Don't let time and tasks manage you. Figure out what you have to do, set realistic goals and time frames in your day, prioritize, and don't let your "inbox" side track you. That is my biggest weakness: my inbox always trumps everything else. Don't try to conquer the world in one day! Don't fool yourself into thinking that this huge list that you wrote in the morning is going to get done in one day - your list for one day is most peoples’ list for one week. Raise your hand if you're guilty (mine is raised full tilt!). Change your scenery!

Sometimes getting out of your home office and being around other people and other environments will do you a world of good and get your creative juices and productivity flowing. When you work where you live, fold laundry, do homework and sleep, sometimes you just need a break. Scope out cafés, bookstores or other places conducive to productivity that feel good to you, and go take your computer there. Hey, nobody said you couldn't sit on the beach with your computer (if it works and you’re not clumsy and drop things) and get your work done. You're your own boss, you're the only one who can tell you no. I haven't done the beach thing yet, but I swear I'm going to. Clock out! I'm not gonna lie…I'm horrible at this. I don't clock out ever!! But it's so important for raising a family to pretend that our office hours are over and our office door closes at a certain time of the day (put that closed sign up in your brain) and then shut it off so that you can give full focus to your family and kids. They need us just as much as our work does. We can't get these afternoons and days with our kids back - once they're gone they're gone. Don't just say you're taking a break...really take a break and a breath while you’re at it. Just because you shut your computer off or walk away from your desk, doesn't mean you're actually taking a break. You have to mindfully close your thoughts off and not think about work. If you constantly think about everything 24-7 when it comes to work, you're going to get burnt out and not be energized creatively to take whatever it is you're doing to the next level. Don't lose your passion because you don't know how to take a break. Go out and have fun!

Need I say more? Why are you working so hard? Hopefully it's to enjoy your downtime and your life! Work hard, that's what we momtrepreneurs do. But girl, go out and play! You deserve it and you've earned it! Till next time...

think it . dream it. do it


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