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Is your “netiquette” up to speed?: Keeping up with the ever-evolving social media climate

In this day and age, your first impression is often made on the screen of a computer. The way you navigate your social media outlets, or your net etiquette, speaks volumes about your ability to grow and adapt with the constantly emerging online trends. But the truth is, the internet is a pretty scary place. Every move you make, whether it be a Tweet, a Facebook post or a request to connect on LinkedIn, is out there for the public to witness and scrutinize. This week, our own social media expert is sharing a few tips that will help you stay at the top of your social media game, directly and indirectly supporting business development, good publicity and fostering partnerships.

Your profile aesthetic is vital to maintaining a positive social media presence. It is the very first thing that viewers see when they navigate to your page or profile, so make sure it is clean, up-to-date and consistent with the aesthetic of your business. Your profile is a part of your brand, so make sure it is a positive, intentional reflection of what you wish to convey about your company or product. Crisp, clear images and minimal text are good places to start, and then make it your own.

The next logical step is deciding what to post, when to post and where to post. Each social media outlet serves a unique audience and presents with specific limitations that guide the types of posts you should be putting out there. For example, Twitter only allows you 140 characters including photos and links. “What in the world can I possibly say in 140 characters,” you might ask. The answer is: a lot. Keep your tweets simple and to the point. Short blurbs can pack a punch so make sure to be economical with your language, using key words and phrases to catch and keep your audience’s attention. Twitter is also a great place for fun photos and videos. Ask your followers to retweet you every once in awhile (not too often, no one likes a nag) to get that extra exposure. Twitter is fun, so make sure your tweets follow suit.

When it comes to Facebook, your posts can stand to be a bit longer. People often spend more time on Facebook than Twitter, and are thus more willing to stop and read what you have to say (but please, people, no novels! This is not your creative writing class). Use Facebook as a tool to get a little more in-depth. Summarize the links, photos and blurbs you are posting. Ask questions, come up with catchy headlines and be creative! Facebook gives you more wiggle room than Twitter, but use it wisely.

Instagram is the new kid on the social media block and I believe, is only appropriate for certain types of companies and products. There is no link feature on Instagram posts, only in the bio section of your profile, so it isn’t the best tool if you’re trying to get your friends and followers to navigate to a particular website. Instagram is geared towards developing your image and your company aesthetic, so take a moment and think if you really have a worthy collection of photos to post. If not, it may be best to hold off until you do.

The ultimate goal of your social media presence is to establish public legitimacy, show your friends and followers that you are up to speed and to craft your brand. Keep it clean, concise and compelling and you will keep your audience coming back for more ! Until next time...

think it . dream it . do it

Kelli and Ariela

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