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Where's YOUR Billboard?

When you're starting a business there is so much to think about..,you want to create your product or service, grow your team, manage your time, all on a limited budget and while you're trying to navigate being a new entrepreneur. So much to do! The most important thing you can do after you've established yourself and you have a great, profitable product, is to get your name out there and promote your brand in a memorable way. Make the impression that YOU are the company to work with; you are the product or brand to have. Shout it from the rooftops through social media and be known for having the following attributes: a cool, useful product, killer customer service, creative thought and innovation. Of course things can go awry throughout your process, but even bad experiences can be consciously turned into valuable lessons. Don't let fear hold you back! When I first started out with my product, I didn't want to talk about it because I felt I was outside of my comfort zone. To put it simply, I was nervous, I felt like I was bragging, and I didn't want to be rejected. But the truth is, if I wasn't going to talk about my products, and if I wasn't going to believe in myself, then why should anybody else? When I changed my way of thinking and decided to share, guess what? People listened. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do will become infectious.

So don't be afraid to make your mark, stomp your feet and put a virtual billboard out there of who you are and what you're selling. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. Do you believe in your product? Do you believe in you? Then sing it, shout it, show it and sell it!! Till next time.. think it . dream it . do it Kelli

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