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Fall into Expectations - Welcome To A New Team Member

When I joined the team at K.Ivie Consulting I did not know what to really expect, but I did know what was expected of me. I was expected to be able to give my knowledge in areas that others may not have as great an understanding as I do. I've come to love my time working with such wonderful and driven people. The experience has been nothing but good vibes so far, and that makes me excited for the future. I've come to understand how valuable it is to surround yourself with people who know more about certain subjects or information. That way I can gain knowledge from them to better myself as I teach them subjects or information that I know better than them. It is a situation that helps both parties. In order to get out of the comfort zone we all have to sometimes learn about matters we don't know to help ourselves grow and achieve goals we want to reach. I encourage you all to get out of the comfort zone and learn new information. by Tyler Nunn

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