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Another Summer - You Did it!

Well congrats to you for another summer well done and now the kids are in or going...BACK TO SCHOOL! Is it me, or did I just hear a collective sigh of relief! While I crazy enjoyed spending quality time with my kids (this was the best summer ever on my end with finally finding an almost perfect balance between work and play time) I am so glad to get back to a routine. I am not super thrilled about the morning wake-up groans from my kids and rushing around getting them ready and out the door, but ahh, that sweet taste of that first sip of "freedom" coffee before getting to the grind of whatever business, house, family work you do with not a peep from anyone, asking for anything is... well, just magnificent! So to the oh so many glorious parents, who are juggling it all, here's to you, I raise my cup of decaf skinny mocha with an extra shot in congratulations!!

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