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The Butterfly

This was shared with me and I find that this is so true. I hope that your journey, whatever it may be, takes you farther than you ever thought possible! Thoughtfully. Kelli A man saw a cocoon outside his window. He was delighted, and watched it for days. Eventually, he saw it start to twitch or wiggle. This went on for days. He couldn't stand to watch the struggle any longer, so he got some scissors and made a little snip in the cocoon. The "butterfly" wings started to pop out. The next day, the situation looked the same, so the man made another snip and more of the butterfly's wings popped out. On the third day, he finished with another little snip and a little butterfly emerged, wobbly and weak. The man looked again the next day and the butterfly was still sitting on the branch. It hadn't flown. And the next day was the same. No flight. Sadly, the man soon learned, the butterfly would never fly. A butterfly "earns" its right to fly (its ability to fly) through the struggle of fighting it's way out of its cocoon. The struggle, builds the blood vessels of the wings and sets the proper circulation. No struggle. No flight. That simple. So never underestimate the value of your struggles.

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