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Sometimes it's nice to be technology free.

I can close my eyes and remember a time when I was young and my mom would say, "Go out and play, skate, ride your bike, walk to a friend’s house, just be sure to come home before the street lights come on." Those were the days!

Now, I am continuously checking my phone to see who called, who texted me, or emailed me wanting to make sure I didn't miss anything important. When I put my phone down, it gives me the chance to not miss something important... my life, my family, my kids, spending time together and not just sharing space. Not just remembering what it used to feel like being a kid, but lying on the grass at a park and looking up at the sky and imagining what the clouds shapes were. It's so easy to miss it all, while we are trying to be connected to it all.

Being truly connected is not through a device, it's a touch, a voice on the other end, a sunset, a moment not missed. Put your phone down and go be a kid!

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