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a few of our clients

We work with a variety of products that we help create, or are ready-to-go that are branded and sold in the US and globally into boutiques, big-box stores, large key accounts, distributon, direct response, catalogs, e-commerce, online opportunities and national representation... 

We helped place into key accounts, rep groups, stores and international outreach; advised on creative feedback on new products and marketing materials for reps and stores

We consulted and coached the designer/owner to achieve growth in the market

We achieved national and international representation and into stores; assisted in creating sell sheets and materials to introduce the line to a larger market

We took product idea from ingredients to packaged bottle to shelf into key accounts; established bottling, production and price points

We took from idea to samples to finished product to market; we built relationships with sample houses, sewing factories, fabric companies, clothing designers to create the owners vision; we assisted and oversaw the creation of line sheets, look books and website with our professional contacts to get ready to launch

We took from one product to seven from concept and branding to market ready and into stores; assisted in creative input for package look and branding; coached and mentored owners on next steps and how to grow their business

We helped with exposure, placement and distribution; created marketing pieces, press kit and creative input on a video for a national television product placement spot

We helped with bottle and package design and got placement into specialty food stores; created a relationship to go to the next level with a large food company to achieve national outreach

We worked with the creator on product and packaging development, product price negotiations and final msrp creating a finished look and brand ready to sell

We worked with the inventor on concept creation to make a rough self-created prototype/idea into a finished product creating a special technology for women; patented and trademarked the concept and pitched the product for buy-out opportunities; mentored, coached, consulted the client through the entire process

We helped establish and negotiate overseas production for the dolls and accessories; gave creative input on the line and look, connected owner with web design, fulfillment, book printing and other professionals; assisted in all legal aspects and testing; established a launch calendar and a list of the right buyers, reps and opportunities to contact

We consulted and coached the creator on business direction and growth and established feedback from reps and stores to create optimal desire of the line; assisted in cost of goods pricing analysis to ensure profitability

more clients...

 seen on....



  • QVC & QVC Sprout

  • HSN

  • Hero or Zero

  • Dragons Den

  • Shark Tank

  • Red Tricycle

  • Toy Fair NYC

  • Family Fun Magazine

  • Red Carpet Room Events

  • Distinctive Assets

  • Grammy's & Golden Globes

  • Oscars Swag Bags

  • Spanx Leg Up

  • Intuit Big Game Contest

  • BBB In-Store & Online

  • Amazon Top Seller

  • Goop

  • La Weekly

  • Country Gardens

  • Thrillist

  • Dean & Deluca

  • Earnshaws & Giggle Guide

  • Vogue

  • Celebrity Events

  • National TV Commercial

  • Atlanta Gift Show Awards

  • ABC Kids Recogntion

  • International Exposure

"Kelli provides invaluable guidance on launching a new company.  With over a decade of experience, she has both strategic and technical knowledge in areas including working with a manufacturer, export logistics, brand identity, public relations and creating a realistic budget.  She is a natural negotiator and knows how to get a good deal. Her list of contacts is extensive. I have no doubt that she has saved me time and money. She also has tireless energy and support which can go long way during the difficult journey of launching a start-up.  I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who is starting a business."


Anita Winsor – Principal Owner Starpath Dolls

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