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Going Above and Beyond -Yes You Can!

“All I ever intended was to make a living at what I do. Everything I have achieved since then is above and beyond.” – Shania Twain So what exactly does it mean to go above and beyond? Well, for me it means that a green piece of paper is something that we actually need to live on and something we all strive for so we can survive, right? But, is it the icing on the cake? For me, going above and beyond isn't just about green paper, it's about that feeling I get of sweet success and the raw joy of accomplishment when something I really care about and work on hits it! For me, it's the thrill. But back in the day, Shania Twain just wanted to be able to feed herself as a struggling singer and boy did she get some icing on her cake! That came from sheer love of what she does, a diligent work ethic and the belief that she could do it and that she was going to power through no matter what came her way. Here are some ways that you can go above and beyond: Are you a fighter or a flyer? If you truly want to make it, you need to be a fighter. Never give up no matter what. If you fly away instead of fighting for something you really want, is anything ever going to be really worth it? What say you? What are you speaking out there to go above and beyond? Use the right words with the right sincerity so other people you want to have believe in you and support you, will. Who do you support and who supports you? If you want others to be on your side and to give you guidance or open up doors for you, you have to do the same for them. Build a great support team in the area that you want to excel in, make friends and go above and beyond for them. More often than not, they will return the favor. I really try hard to offer the very best of myself at all times and go above and beyond in what I say I'm going to do. It's very important to me that I give 110% and be as passionate about the thing I'm doing as the person I'm working with is. This truly comes from within. Be that person that people can trust and admire no matter what you're doing .. and that is what's going to bring you the icing on your cake. Till next time… think it. dream it. do it and reach for it. Kelli

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