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So you have what?

Goal Setting!

How do you adopt a new habit and make it stick when you're setting goals? Here are some inspiration and goal setting ideas to wake up that motivation monster to hunt down your goals. Improve your time management and make more money.

How do you do this when there are so many distractions? The answer is simple: get rid of those distractions! Sit down and make a list of what those distractions are for you over the course of a week or even a day, and figure out what deters you from getting down to business and reaching your goal. Now hit the delete button and get rid of them. Of course things are going to come up and you will have to put out a fire or two here and there, but for the most part you just need to prioritize. Decide what you are going to let in your mental space and just focus on what you need to get done. Commit to your goal.

Before setting your goal, make sure you have firmly decided to stick to it. Get your priorities in order and make sure your present situation is conducive to making it happen. Put your goals in writing, make an action plan, track your progress and involve others! Welcome failure, push through, don't lose sight and make sure to celebrate your wins!

Till next time... think it . dream it . do it Kelli

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