our team is comprised of inventors and launch experts

Kelli Ivie is the principal of K. Ivie Consulting helping start-up and young companies create their ideas and launch both new and ready to go products into the marketplace getting them into buyer’s hands. With a Master’s degree in Psychology and a minor in business, Kelli’s experience with her own product launch and over a decade working with others gives Kelli the advantage of knowing what it takes and how it feels to make a product succeed.

Ginger has spent her career working with businesses to help them achieve success. She has extensive experience collaborating and networking with companies to provide valuable on-going relationships that open communication for client opportunities. Ginger works closely with Kelli and K. Ivie Consulting nurturing those relationships and fostering amazing results. Ginger holds a Masters degree in Sociology.

Ariela brings to K. Ivie consulting her extensive experience in social media-based marketing, unique aesthetic and passion for writing. She is a recent UCLA graduate, with a degree in English and an emphasis in pre-medical studies, and is currently applying to medical school. Driven by her focus on women’s health in her own career, Ariela is dedicated to cultivating our women-helping-women approach to business and entrepreneurship.

As a project manager with K. Ivie Consulting, Marc complements our team with a fearless and outside-the-box approach to our clients' success. A wholehearted supporter and partner of Kelli's initial manufacturing business, he contributed tremendous business development expertise and achieved the representation of their product line throughout the U.S. with some of the most reputable rep groups in the children's clothing and accessories industry.

Grace is an experienced marketing and sales professional, coming from Fortune 500s as well as small businesses. She excels in business development and creative strategic planning, helping our clients consider and evaluate options outside traditional channels. Her experience in the healthcare field have given her a compassionate approach to helping people, and truly wants to understand the pain points and challenges of our clients so that she can help them most effectively.

Kim brings her experience as a writer, social media consultant, and business development strategist together in her role as project manager for K. Ivie Consulting. As the creator of her own children’s nutrition website for families, Kim has spent the last several years utilizing that experience to help others apply the extensive digital and social media space to their own successful business growth.

Abygale has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management with focuses in product development and sales. She has much experience working for start-up blogs and companies within the fashion industry, as well as a strong retail background. Working for new and innovative companies in the fashion capital of the world has given her great insight on how new companies are able to gain success and differentiate themselves.

Carolyn brings more than 20 years of collaboration and design experience to logos, websites, packaging, custom invitations and stationery as well as advertising campaigns. Her own line of custom stationery has been featured in The Knot, Inside Weddings, New Jersey Bride and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Carolyn truly enjoys working with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them to establish a strong market presence and achieve lasting success.

With 15 years of Graphic design, packaging and web design experience, Tamar brings a fresh approach to each project. Having worked for Fox as a Marketing Communications Designer and My Space as an Online Marketing Designer, Tamar is a genius at creating the specific look and brand that a company desires.